Upon realising that their existing website had become outdated, Filtration Ltd commissioned us to build an engaging and intuitive website which facilitated easy communication and awareness of the breadth of service and products available.

Strategy & planning

As a leading supplier of filters across the world, it was important that the Filtration Ltd website set the benchmark for others. It was apparent from the beginning that the website needed to ensure users of all levels of computer competency could easily engage and navigate the site, with the final stage of each visit being to support Filtrations Ltd’s traditional sales approach and inspire the user to contact Filtration Ltd.

It was also vital that the future growth of the website not be limited by the content management system behind it.

Insights & user research

From the onset we were aware of the varying levels of computer competence that potential site users may have. Our research also indicated that it was crucial that users could easily identify that their own industry was catered for by Filtration Ltd and that any desired filter could easily and quickly be obtained. This knowledge supported the apparent need for simple but intuitive navigation and a design lead interface.


Using images from each industry and sub-industry we were able to create a clean and elegant interface which allowed users to easily locate their industry and relevant product information. We also introduced engaging rollovers and animation to bring the site to life.


One key aspect of the project was to boost its search engine position, to achieve this we focused on developing several areas of dynamic content, including featured products, categories and a blog. Using this we were able to keep the site content fresh.

In addition to this we developed a fixed structure for headings; ensuring content was clearly structured and easy to skim through for both the user and search engines. Finally we optimised all static content using chosen keywords and phrases.

As with all of our websites we also provided HTML & CSS templates which adhered to best practice guidelines, as well as ensuring the site light and fast to load.

Testing & evaluations

During the final stages of the project, we continued to work closely with Filtration ltd, providing suggestion on content use and ways of enhancing the website, as they added their own imagery using our own CMS (Vexillum).

Since the launch of the website, Filtration Ltd has continued to work closely with us, using our search engine services to continually improve their traffic and online exposure. We are currently pleased to be looking at further projects with Filtration Ltd; using Vexillum has allowed them to consider integrating a management application for clients to cross reference and view filters online.


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