Team Talk - Interview with James Isbell

NEWS | 6th April at 15:53

We talked with our team member James about his role in Worthers.

What do you love about your role in Worthers?

Diversity, I get to have fun in many disciplines from development; front-end, backend and even graphic design and a little bit of electronics on the side. We’ve recently been experimenting with things like webVR which is opening up a new dimension in web development.

Why did you become a coder?

I studied as a graphics designer. I love to design but realised that while I could create good looking products and digital designs, I could never bring them to life. Being a developer means I can now bring designs life!

Why Worthers?

They’re the best Kingdom focused company making a difference to the world! The office is in the countryside and my co-workers are all awesome

What's your biggest challenge in work?

Finding elegant solutions to programming problems. Completing a project is like solving a big puzzle game. The transition from a brief to a digital design that incorporates a client’s needs and then developing the designs into working applications is a fun and challenging process.

Marmite. Love it or hate it.

Hate it! Vegemite all the way!

Favourite 90’s tunes?

   •    All the daft punk tunes!

   •    Right Here, Right Now by Fatboy Slim

   •    Praise You - Fatboy Slim

   •    The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

   •    The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Theme Song (Full) - Will Smith

   •    Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler

   •    POD - youth of the nation

   •    dc talk

   •    Darude Sandstorm! ..I know it’s not a 90’s tune but it’s just that good.

   •    Another favourite that’s not from the 90’s BAKER STREET - GERRY RAFFERTY

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to invent at will, to solve problems and help others! (..actually I’d have the ability to own all the superpowers, then I can pick anyone at will).

James on a Segway

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