It might sound a little cheesy, but we really are one big happy family here at Worthers.

Each of us bring different skills to the mix, which we like to think creates the unique Worthers experience our clients love.

Meet Pete

Pete Worthers

Managing Director

In the late 90's I led a team that used web technology to revolutionise communications and save a large corporate several million pounds. Having seen the power of this technology, my passion was ignited to help world changing organisations to best utilise the web to further their aims. 

Leaving the comfort of a steady well paid job, I took the risk of embarking on a journey that I can honestly say has been amazing. Yes it is sometimes hard work with plenty of mistakes and failures but the rewards of seeing ideas come into being, working with incredible people and seeing lives positively changed makes it all worthwhile. 

During this journey, Worthers was born and has grown into a talented team of professionals who share the same passion. Together we have the privilege of working on exciting, world-changing projects and over the years have formed long lasting relationships with many of our clients. Not only that, I also love that I get to work with my friends! 

When I’m not working, I enjoy furthering my knowledge of great food with plenty of practical research, watching Bristol City Football Club, and spending time with my lovely family - my wife Kate and son Nathan, who is an even more avid football fan! 

Often heard saying…

“The sum of the parts is great than the whole... is that right? or is it the other way round?”

Never ask me to…

Stop eating crisps!

Words I live my life by…

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Meet Ben

Ben Hull

Creative Director

I'm pleased to say I've been part of the Worthers journey since 2007 when it first started - just a few years after Pete did the first site for 24-7 Prayer.

I got into coding because it was a perfect combination of creativity and logic. I love working on challenging projects and finding creative solutions, and also working with a team of talented people who I consider close friends.

Outside of work I can mostly be found spending time with my wife and son, Joshua, or working on some craft/furniture projects in the garage. One day, I may even finish one!

Often heard saying…

Less is more…

Never ask me to…

Make a spontaneous decision.

Words I live my life by…

Simple can be harder than complex… but once you get there, you can move mountains. - Steve Jobs

Meet Kate

Kate Worthington

Finance Director

I’ve worked with Worthers since the beginning, looking after all our business transactions as well as the wellbeing of the office. It’s been amazing to have gone on this journey with my husband, Pete, and I’ve enjoyed watching the team develop and blossom over the years.

I also get great satisfaction from receiving a green tick and a well done from our accounting software when I have reconciled the bank statement!

When I’m not playing with figures I like to clear my mind with a good Nordic walk.

Often heard saying…

Aarghh, second factor login!

Never ask me to…

Choose a ‘work appropriate’ poster.

Words I live my life by…

Change the world one smile at a time.

Meet Jon

Jon Winter

Web Developer / Project Manager

After graduating with a business degree, I found myself working in the world of web and quickly developed a passion for user-interface design and front-end development. What I really love is the opportunity to provide creative ideas and approaches to pioneering and innovative projects.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to work on major projects with everyone from large corporate organisations to small charities from a range of different perspectives, including online marketing, SEO, accessibility, usability and best practice development.

When I’m not looking for new and more innovative ways to enhance the online world, you’ll find me at home in Clevedon with my wife Rosie or training to be a superhero at the local gym. In fact, I’m also a qualified personal trainer and run my own fitness business, Emotiv.

Often heard saying…

Why on earth are they still using CLICK HERE!

Never ask me to…


Words I live my life by…

You can't connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. - Steve Jobs

Meet Chris

Chris Lugg

Lead Developer

Since graduating in 2002 I’ve done web development work for several agencies in Bristol. I even set up my own business, Deck54, offering web development and consultancy primarily to web, marketing and recruitment agencies across the South West.

I did a couple of freelance jobs for Worthers before they offered me a full time position. I love my job because it allows me to be creative, and to develop applications and systems that can really help people on a day-to-day basis.

When I’m not working I play in three bands, and enjoy badminton, going to the cinema, watching TV, and playing video and board games. I also love spending time with my wife Sarah and our three children at home in Yatton.

Often heard saying…

Do you need any help?

Never ask me to…

Be spontaneous.

Words I live my life by…

Be prepared!

Meet Sam

Sam Boulton

Customer Support

I was working for a company that provides internet and media technical support when I saw the role come up at Worthers. I went for an interview and everything fell into place. Worthers is a great team to be a part of, and we’re really fortunate to be based in such a beautiful place.

When I’m not busy taking care of our clients, I can usually be found relaxing at home in Clevedon with my wife, Sarah. I also enjoy DJing, and I run a club for adults with learning difficulties.

Often heard saying…

Good morning; good afternoon; good evening.

Never ask me to…

Bungee jump - looks terrifying!

Words I live my life by…

Live life to the fullest and take each day as it comes.

Meet James

James Isbell

Creative Developer

Although I studied graphic design at university, I realised that design only allowed me to, well, design things. Being a developer means I can now bring designs to life!

I really love my job at Worthers, because I get to have fun in many development disciplines: front-end, backend, graphic design and a little bit of electronics on the side. We’ve recently been experimenting with things like webVR (virtual reality) which is opening up a new dimension in web development.

I live in Bristol. Outside of work I mostly like to relax with friends and family, watch Netflix, and walk up hills (and back down them, naturally).

Often heard saying…

Random thoughts and facts

Never ask me to…

Actually, ask me anything, I might say yes!

Words I live my life by…

The Bible is the swiss army knife for life.


At Worthers, we take a holistic view of every project we work on. That way, the solution we create isn’t just technically excellent but actually fulfils what you need it to.

We like to dream a bit with you, really pushing the boundaries to see if there’s an even better solution than the one you might have come looking for. Our favourite words to hear from our clients are, “Oh, that’s a great idea, I hadn’t thought of that!”

That’s why we like to walk with you through each stage of the development process:


During the strategy stage we work together with you to figure out everything from your goals and objectives to the needs of your audience. This gets your project off on the right foot, giving us clear guidelines and helping us to set a realistic budget and timeline.


The research stage involves learning more about your target audience through techniques like surveys, visitor analysis and demographic research, essentially taking the guess work out of your project. Usually this process will draw out opportunities that might otherwise have been missed.


Whatever design elements exist within your project, from logos to fonts and colour choices, we’ll address these before moving onto the build stage. That means we won’t waste your time or money coding anything until you’re 100% happy that the end product will look the way you want it to.


This foundational stage is the most labour intensive part of any project. We’ll use only the best and most suitable technology to make sure the end product does exactly what you need it to, giving you access to the development process so you can stay involved in steering the finished product.


To give you complete confidence in the work we deliver, we test it in a variety of contexts, for example looking at websites via different browsers and operating systems. You can also do your own acceptance testing at this stage, to ensure everything is working the way you expect.


On the exciting day when your project goes out into the world, we’ll be there to monitor it and respond quickly to any teething issues. We can then provide ongoing phone and email support for as long as you need it, with tailored packages available to suit every budget.