5 apps to increase everyday efficiency

Which will benefit you?

Chances are, the apps that benefit you most are already so integrated with your life, you barely notice them. Hardly anyone notices they’re using Google Maps these days, they just arrive at the correct destination, perhaps unaware that they were re-routed to avoid the roadworks. In a similar way, Worthers use the following apps so much, we barely realise how much they affect our business. But when we stop to think about it, they’ve streamlined the way we work more than we can measure.

Which one would benefit you the most?

1. The workflow & checklist app

Trello - we’ve sung its praises before and we’ll likely keep singing ‘til the cows come home. The Trello app turns your workflow into a visual delight as you drag and drop projects through different stages. This bird’s eye view of your business’s tasks and processes allows you to immediately ascertain where to prioritise on a project. You can also collaborate with others to bring this clarity to a team or partnership. There’s a Trello mobile and desktop app, or you can access all you need online. If your budget is tight, you can still find a lot of functionality here with the free version.

2. The messaging apps

Slack - Slack takes the unnecessary slack out of your communication. One sign of an efficient app is that it focuses on one function really well, but can also be integrated with apps that have different functions. Slack pulls in from Google Drive, Trello and can be used with your own development platform. If you’re tired of long internal email threads, Slack might save you from exhaustion.

Franz - There’s probably too many messaging apps in the world, but Franz gathers all your messages from every platform and puts them in one sensible place. It can pull messages from the likes of Slack, Trello, Skype, Gmail, Whatsapp, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and more. No more stray messages going missing on a platform you rarely check.

3. The mobile image editing app

Snapseed - You can’t usually put an SLR camera in your pocket, but you can come close with this app. With Snapseed you can enhance your quick snaps with a quality akin to photoshop. It’s a simple and efficient way of keeping the standard of your imagery high when you don’t have any larger tools to hand.

Canva - This is particularly helpful for Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts to ensure that your picture will be the correct size. It has many other uses including presentations, videos and event marketing.

4. The automation app

IFTTT - “If This Then That” is an online automation tool that ties everything together like a magic thread (and by magic we mean a complex technical process, of course). It makes apps that have never seen eye-to-eye suddenly work together like old friends. For instance, it can bring all calendar updates into one shared space, so everyone knows they’re on the same page without combing through the mobile-web equivalent of a non-alphabetical library.

5. The password storage app

LastPass stores your passwords encrypted online so you can easily login to the accounts you need without running through the whole “I forgot my password,” “What’s your mother’s maiden name,” “Here’s your verification code” saga. LastPass is probably more secure than most people’s memories, can be used across websites and phone apps, and categorises your passwords for convenience.

We have currently started to explore teamwork as a project management tool which enables the user to connect a number of different tools together in one place. You can create tasks and projects, enable people to comment, upload files and customise your workflow amongst other things. It’s a new tool so we will see how it works in the future but so far it is proving useful.

Integration definitely makes a massive difference to efficiency. Particularly when it comes to apps. Not all integration is quite so valuable though. Check out our reasons why integrating your data is a waste of money. 

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