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As a Worthers team we are passionate about technology, particularly when it helps people and communities in the world around us. As a response to conversations with church leaders we discovered that there was a need for people to connect together in prayer and to find a way to submit these through a website. We love a challenge so as a result we have produced some software that can allow churches to add a prayer wall to their website. What is a prayer wall you ask? Well, it is a page on your website that allows individuals to post up requests for prayer or their own prayers so that others can join with them. There is an option to amen (meaning I agree) a prayer and also post the prayer to the 24-7 prayer wall (who we have had the privilege of partnering with over a large number of years). There are also options to ‘watch’ the prayer wall, to be notified daily of new prayers as well as when others amen your prayer. It also has built-in spam protection and a way to report inappropriate prayers. The best thing is that this is something that we are offering for free as our way of helping especially in the current season we find ourselves.

If this is something that you are interested in then take a look at the connectprayer.com website.

1 year ago | Tips & Techniques

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