Why we started Worthers. And still love what we do.

Creating web solutions that impact the world

If truth be told I started a business by accident. I had already left a promising career to help a few friends start a charity. It was exciting, new and daring, and would go on to become a global movement called 24/7 prayer. The business world felt far behind, but I kept getting requests to build websites in my spare time. It was just as well, since the extra work enabled me to pay my bills!

Finding focus

From this unplanned beginning, my first business was born. I pivoted away from the charity sector and began creating a structure that would turn my former side-hustle into something I could devote all my time to. There were significant ups and downs - and the lessons learned shaped the DNA of my second business, Worthers, which would have a clearer focus and vision.

Originally we built quite varied websites including those requiring content management systems, e-commerce and database integrations. But we quickly realised our specialisms were geared toward developing tailored solutions that couldn’t be created using off-the-shelf approaches. This meant we had to create a creative culture of continuous learning and pushing boundaries. As we navigated project to project, our team acquired a breadth of experience I couldn’t have imagined when we started out.

Getting to know ourselves

Finding our sense of purpose wasn’t always easy. There was a time that I thought our focus should be more corporate. We exhibited at a trade show in London, splashing large amounts of cash on trying to get a foot in the door with big names. In hindsight, I realise I felt an undefined pressure to appeal to that audience. It was a draining time for me. We managed to pick up a few addresses for our mailing list, but we didn’t find any real connection there. It wasn’t a mistake to exhibit, but it was a significant lesson in discovering who we are at Worthers.

Someone once told Jon, a project manager on our team, “Your business is a direct extension of your personality.” When we stopped trying to impress and came back to who we were, we naturally drew clients that resonated with the “why” of what we do. These companies and charities usually heard about us organically, or began a conversation with us in an informal setting, because that’s where people stop trying to put on a front and speak about what actually matters to them. 

The simple mission for Worthers is ‘Creating web solutions that impact the world’. We do this by helping organisations who have a strong mission focus (both businesses and nonprofits). We’re a web service partner to them, enabling them to fulfil their vision by adding what we do well to the mix.

The Worthers DNA works!

We sought to build a team that were passionate about what they did and wanted to make a difference. Since we believe in simplifying whenever we can, we drew up 3 key values that define who we are. We call them the 3Ps:

Passionate - Our passion creates an energy and momentum that propels us through difficulties. Because we really care, we sometimes challenge our client’s requirements to ensure they fit the product they want and need. Within the given scope, we want the solution to be the best it can possibly be.

Purposeful - We love to work on projects that have a clear purpose. The excitement in our team is tangible when we are developing something that brings a positive impact to the world we live in. It drives our desire to keep learning and growing. No matter what the project is, we are always searching for the long term gain, not just the short term win.

Personal - We are approachable and real people. We love to build good ongoing relationships with everyone. There is something of a family culture in our team - supporting each other and encouraging one another to be ourselves. We spend a lot of time with each other so what a waste if we weren’t friends!

Teaming up to impact the world

We have made mistakes along the way, followed paths that didn’t lead where we expected, but we don’t have any regrets. We would never have discovered who we truly are without those experiences. Now, our mission and values keep us travelling further along the roads we love, impacting worlds that we could never reach on our own. The why-behind-our-what turned the experience of creating web solutions into an absolute joy. If you fancy a chat to see what we can dream up together for your organisation, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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