Working with you, not for you

1 year ago | 3min read | Thought Leaders

When each party meets the expectation of the other, there is a good connection. But if it’s all take, or all give, relationships can fall apart.

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Harness the power of advanced searching

1 year ago | 5min read | Education

Part of the joy of our work is seeing the visible difference new technology can make. Recently, we helped energize.uk.net harness the power of a new advanced searching tool called Algolia. We were pretty excited by the results.

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Beat the hackers with these 5 simple tips

2 years ago | 5min read | Education

Even the most impenetrable servers can’t save you if security is compromised elsewhere. The good news is, there are some simple ways to protect yourself and keep even the most seasoned hackers out of your life.

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Why WordPress isn’t always the answer

2 years ago | 7min read | Education

Clients often start their conversation with us like this: “We’d like a website that can do such and such… and we’d like it built on WordPress.” After which we say, “Why WordPress?” The reply is often along the lines of, “Well, we’ve heard it’s good.”

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How to brief your software development team

2 years ago | 4min read | Thought Leaders

New software projects have the power to unlock opportunities for businesses, churches and charities. But getting it delivered without delays or other difficulties can prove tricky at times.

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Is your payment provider costing your charity money?

2 years ago | 5min read | Tips & Techniques

The really really simple answer is yes. Yes it is. But there’s a lot more behind the question.

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