Case studies

Living Out
Complete overhaul of bespoke resource based website

Living Out is a Christian charity who aim to encourage Christians, equip churches, and engage the world with God’s plan for sexuality and identity.

We were able to overhaul their website, giving them a bespoke resource based site with realtime searching, multiple languages, content suggestions, and many other powerful features. We worked in partnership with Hullo Creative to create a complete rebrand and website design, ensuring the functionality of the site flowed perfectly with the design.

We really enjoyed building this site, and are very happy to see the positive impact on the users it reaches.

View the website at www.livingout.org

Tudor Trailers
Bespoke quote building process for custom trailers

Tudor Trailers specialise in bespoke catering trailers and van conversions. They pride themselves on consistently delivering high-quality builds, with impeccable attention to detail.

At Worthers, we were able to design and build a website with an instant quote feature allowing the user to choose the type of vehicle, wheelbase and add ons such as catering equipment which then generates an instant estimated quote. With this feature, the site has more traffic and subsequently more enquiries.

We love the creativity, passion and craftsmanship of Tudor Trailers and are proud to be part of their story. 

View the website at www.tudortrailers.co.uk

Organising content in a user friendly way

When Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes approached us to help them create a new website, their initial ideas were based around their own internal structure. During the early stages of the project we were able to help them redefine the brief to better serve the need of their users.

The site had to be able to hold a large amount of content, ranging from documents and forms to videos, checklists, external links and more. So we spent a day mapping out a suitable site structure with the TMCP team. Then we created a three tier site with a categorisation and resourcing function, which helps users access relevant resources depending on the page they’re viewing. The site also features an intelligent search function powered by a bespoke indexing engine.

View the website at tmcp.org.uk

Growing Disciples
Creating attractive multi-resource web pages

This campaign site was built for the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham, with the goal of encouraging people to have more meaningful engagement with outreach. It needed to be able to present a huge amount of content in the form of audio files, videos, downloads, external links and more.

Our challenge was to give the Growing Disciples team something they could continue to update, edit and add to, creating new collections of resources while keeping a sense of cohesion across the site. To achieve that, we built integrated multi-resource pages that allow the team to add and reorganise content easily.

View the website at www.growingdisciples.co.uk

The Diocese of Blackburn
Creating value from internal data

The Diocese of Blackburn came to us with an old and rather clunky website and asked us to not only make it responsive, but create a design that would visually integrate with their new vision: Vision 2026.

As well as that, we helped them develop an online directory that integrates with the CMS we had previously built for the Church of England. While the CMS is an internal tool, we were able to use the location and contacts data as a base, and create filters and permission settings so only appropriate content would be made available. As a result, it has become a valuable resource for the general public.

View the website at www.blackburn.anglican.org

Shoebox Online
Making giving easier on mobile devices

The original website for the Shoebox campaign from Samaritan’s Purse used a drag and drop format to get people building their gift online. It was quite a confusing set up with little user guidance, and was difficult to use on touch devices.

We used a mobile first approach to create the new site, with a guided five step process that involves choosing the recipient’s gender and age then adding an essentials pack, one large toy, three small toys and three accessories before heading to the check out. The journey is tracked by a simple progress bar so users always know how much further they have to go.

View the website at shoeboxonline.samaritans-purse.org.uk

Telling the story of a great man

The Müllers website was about 10 years old when the organisation went through a rebrand and brought us in to give it a make over. With a large amount of existing content and a relatively simple two tier site structure, our main job was to make the site as attractive and engaging as possible.

One key element was to tell the story of Muller extraordinary life and works. We portrayed this as an interactive timeline interspersed with pictures, video, text and animations. We also created a photo gallery that integrates with Flickr. This means that the Müllers team can create an album in Flickr, then simply copy the URL across and the gallery pulls those images in, rather than having to re-upload and index them all again.

View the website at www.mullers.org

Providing answers for the seekers

Having built the original Looking for God site five years ago, we renewed it in 2017. This time the brief was to make it responsive, because of the increased number of people accessing the site from mobile devices.

Design-wise the site is deliberately minimalistic but it has a lot going on behind the scenes. For example, it features a bespoke Integrated Answer Matrix (or I AM) database, which has intelligent display capabilities that offers suggested content to anyone who has submitted a question. We also created a workflow system that helps the team answer individual questions, ensuring the answers are referenced, theologically accurate, checked for tone of voice and SEO optimised before they go live on the site.

View the website at www.lookingforgod.com

S&N Directory App
Connecting the local CofE community

If you live within the diocese of Southwell and Nottingham and need to get hold of your local vicar, church warden or even CofE school head teacher, finding their contact details is easy. Just use the S&N Directory app.

We created this app for Southwell Diocese using the database we developed for the Church of England. It was designed for internal staff but can also be used in a public facing capacity, giving parishioners access to any publicly available contact information. The app includes an interactive map that details all churches and schools in the diocese with associated contacts.

Eternal wall of Answered Prayer
Make hope visible

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is an incredible project with a vision to build a national landmark of hope that will inspire generations to come. The iconic structure will be made up of a million bricks that each represent an answered prayer. It will also include augmented reality technology so that people can point their smartphones at a brick to reveal the prayer, images and video.

From the beginning of this exciting project, Worthers have been involved and have created the website that enables people to claim their brick, submit their stories of answered prayer and donate to this inspiring vision. With plenty of future ideas on growing the web presence we are excited to see how this journey unfolds...

View the website at www.eternalwall.org.uk

Bringing churches Alive in the Spirit and Active in Mission.

ReSource’s vision is to see churches across the UK Alive in the Spirit and Active in Mission. Working with church leaders ReSource long to see churches of all kinds as beacons of life and hope wherever they are set, making a transforming difference in their communities.

Utilising Worthers in-house expertise and full range of collaborative partners, the end result showcased the power visually captivating digital and printed branding, stunning photography, a media rich resource website and captivating video in reaching their audience. All underpinned by the confidence of in-depth brand identity phase.

We look forward to seeing ReSource inspire little, local and ordinary churches.

View the website at www.resource-arm.net