Müllers came to us after their website had been compromised on security. We were able to build a new site for them which aimed to connect with their aspired more youthful audience as well as keeping existing supporters involved and happy.

Strategy & planning

Conversations took place on the core priorities for the website. We researched how Müllers wanted to communicate in the future but also took time to study content on the previous website and what user journeys existed for those visiting.

Insights & user research

Given the dual priorities of the new website’s audience we took time to both work on understanding the existing older users of the website and also the focus on the younger feel that they wanted a newly developed site to take.


To meet our brief of a youthful and contemporary approach, the site was intended to feel modern and creative with simple colours, good use of images and an interactive and intuitive feel. However these changes were kept simple in feel and usability was prioritised to keep connected with the older audience. To further connect with this youthful audience social media integration was emphasised.


One the development areas was to bring to life the George Müller story which was central to the organisation. We used an interactive timeline to make this attractive and engaging. As Müllers had experienced security issues in the past, we worked on the site being secure, rebuilding their CRM (CIVI) within our CMS so they could access and display partners via a directory with ease.

Testing & evaluations

Müller’s staff we given support in the use of our CMS through and beyond launch. The new site was tested extensively on all platforms and we continued to support the team after launch.


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