Following the success of the Urban Saints, Energize, website we were commissioned to create LiveLife123, a microsite designed to build community through the use of social media.
The LiveLife123 website was also accompanied by a book and animated video, highlighting the need for discipleship and urging users to form a community and support each other’s faith journeys.

Strategy & planning

To appeal to Urban Saints' youthful audience, the site was intended to feel modern and to include bright contrasting graphics and imagery, which the younger generation could associate with.

In addition, the website was intended to meet younger users with social mediums such as Facebook & Twitter, enabling them to communicate and share the website easily with friends.

Insights & user research

To ensure the website was easy for users to follow and engage with, we created a three step, design-lead process, encouraging users to engage with the site, connect with others, and then use the site resources to continue to grow and develop.

Using Facebook connect, Twitter feeds and a variety of other media, including YouTube, we were able to capture the interest of younger users and inspire them to continue looking through the site.


Using bold heading, contrasting colours, large calls to action and enticing imagery we were able to create a website which engaged with younger web users.

Each page was designed to contain minimal content, ensuring the priority was always on key messages and imagery and preventing users from becoming distracted or losing focus.


Using the latest best practice HTML and CSS we developed light templates, ensuring page load speed remained high. In addition, we also ensured the website included responsive coding to ensure it could be viewed on iPads and other smaller devices.
As a major focus of the site was to encourage younger users, we integrated Facebook connect, meaning users had to either allow the LiveLife123 website to connect with their Facebook or sign-in manually before they could access external resources.

Testing & evaluations

Using our CMS (Vexillum) Urban Saints were able to quickly add dynamic content such as resources series and individual videos into the website, ensuring the content remained fresh and up to date.

Since launching the website, the LiveLive123 website has continued to see a healthy growth in users interacting and signing up to become a part of the site.


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