Case studies

24-7 Prayer

Mobilising the world to pray

The client

24-7 Prayer is an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice; a non-stop prayer meeting that has continued for every minute of this century so far, in over half the countries on Earth.

The brief

As one of our longest running clients, we have worked with 24-7 Prayer on various projects - in fact, it was because of them that Worthers came into being

. Most recently, they asked us to update their website and help them attract a younger audience without losing the people who were already interacting with the site.

A lot of the ideas for how the website works came from Worthers

The Challenge

To engage with a younger audience, the new website needed to be as dynamic as possible, featuring a range of content streams such as podcasts, videos, a news blog and various project panels. The challenge with this was to give the 24-7 Prayer team the ability to change and update the website as frequently as they needed to without necessarily having huge amounts of technical knowledge.

The solution

We built the new site as a modular system so that the 24-7 Prayer team could rebuild the homepage incredibly easily, reordering the content, turning sections on and off, put them on a timer that activates and deactivates on preset dates. This means that if one week they’re focused on mission and the next week there’s a drive for donors, they can prioritise the relevant content quickly and easily, creating a dynamic site that stays fresh.

We also tagged everything behind the scenes to create content links that enhance the user experience. For example, if a user visits a blog post on Geneva, and there happens to be an event coming up in Geneva, that content will be flagged as recommended and the user can jump easily between those pieces of content.

The website serves us, rather than the other way round.

The verdict

“The new website totally transformed our online communications. It just serves our purpose better. The website serves us, rather than the other way round. It’s a proper tool for us as an organisation to use.

“Worthers are a pleasure to work with, professional and personal, and they’re good at their job too, which is a bonus! Obviously there’s an expertise there which is invaluable - they really know what they’re doing - but mostly a really relational thing. They’ve been on the 24-7 story from the beginning and you can’t really separate the two stories. They’re friends.

“What’s great about the way they work is that they don’t just take as read what you’ve asked of them; they’ll push back if they think something doesn’t serve its purpose. We had more of an idea of what we wanted to achieve, rather than how to do it. So a lot of the ideas for how the website works came from Worthers.”

Nick Beasley, Communications Manager, 24-7 Prayer

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