After several encounters with below par web agencies MTPredictor approached us to initially discuss improving the admin facilities and data structure of their existing website. After seeing a few our recent websites, MTPredictor commissioned us to provide a full redesign of their website.

Strategy & planning

As a purely online business, MTPredictor’s success is completely dependent on their website. To ensure that we were able to provide a solution that was guaranteed to meet the needs of MTPredictors users, our first stage involved developing and understanding of the needs and aims of the users and marrying these with the organisational aims and purpose of the website.

Insights & user research

From the onset we were aware that there were two distinct types of users - those who had purchased the MTPredictor software and those that were new to the site; both of these user groups had very different goals which needed to be addressed from the moment they entered the site.

To ensure that new users were able to quickly understand the purpose of MTPredictor's software we used engaging visuals and well placed calls to action, ensuring users were able to quickly navigate to the free trial and sign-up.

For existing members we provided immediate access to MTPredictor’s video tutorials, blog, seminars and members section. This ensured that they could keep up to speed and ask questions about the software without their online experience being impeded by having to trawl through inappropriate content.


Using research from MTPredictors previous site, competitor’s sites and our research into the user’s online goals, we were able to create a design lead site, featuring striking visuals and large calls to action. We worked closely with MTPredictor to ensure the design was both intuitive and user-centered.

Client Testimonials

I would just like to say a big Thank You for the work you have done on redesigning our company web site. We now have a professional looking web site that has had great feedback from our customers. I have been very impressed with both the quality and speed of the work. But, it did not stop there, what was such a pleasant surprise was the after sales care I have received, with questions answered and general support being very quick and professional. After sales service this good is very rare nowadays.

Steve Griffiths | Managing Director


One of the key aims of the site was to ensure that the site was optimised for search engines using best practice coding, clear heading structures and flexible ways in which MTPredictor could manage their search engine strategy through the sites content.

In addition, we also made sure the site was iPad friendly and featured sections such as FAQ’s, Video Tutorial feed and a blog to continue introducing new and fresh content.

In addition, the site was also placed on its own high specification sever, ensuring that highest levels of protection and speed were available.

Testing & evaluations

During the final stages of the project, we continued to work closely with MTPredictor, using our site development area to allow MTPredictor to offer a soft-launch of the site and receive user feedback before fully unveiling the site. We also provided additional support in integrating the new website with their existing CRM software and ensuring that content adhered to search engine best practices as well as being clear and easy to use.

Since the launch of the website, MTPredictor have continued to receive positive feedback from their users and continued to work with us, introducing a fully integrated website forum for users, bespoke software subscription administration as well as a few other small enhancements to the site.


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