After 20 years of successful business and with their original website being little more than a holding page, Kember Associates were looking to bring their business to life.

Strategy & planning

Following an initial meeting, we agreed that a full rebrand would be necessary to give the cutting edge look and feel associated with Kember Associates. In addition to this, we wanted to highlight their success across the globe using case studies to unravel the complexity of the business.

Lastly, to add an extra element of engagement to the website we created a video testimonial, making the face of the business more ‘real’.

Insights & user research

With many of Kember Associates business leads coming through their website it was crucial that it demonstrated the cutting edge talent which Kember Associates brings to each project. With this in mind we used a variety of testimonials and case studies to demonstrate their previous projects.


As the launch of the new website would coincide with Kember Associates 20th Anniversary, we created an additional anniversary homepage template. Both templates featured fresh and clean design to work in harmony with the new branding, as well as modernising the image of the organisation and ensuring it became more memorable. In addition to showcasing a featured testimonial video on the homepage we use a large industrial headings to make it easy to find relevant content as well as introducing an interactive world map to bring the case studies section to life and highlight the breadth of experience Kember Associates had to offer.


Using the latest best practice HTML and CSS standards we developed light templates, ensuring page load speed remained high. In addition, we used YouTube to ensure that video content could be quickly streamed without slowing the pages.Knowing that a large percentage of Kember Associates client base centred around China and Japan and would potentially be viewing the site on tablet devices, we worked to ensure our interactive features throughout the site could be used across varying platforms and mobile devices.

Testing & evaluations

Following a couple of hours training on our CMS (Vexillum), Kember Associates were able to quickly start editing and adding content to their website, boosting their search engine position and keeping content fresh for their visitors.Lastly, using the email facility built into Vexillum, we were able to create a sign-up list from Kembers Associates contacts and alert them all to the newly launched website, blog and on-going newsletter.


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