Charles & Joyce’s weekly e-newsletter had received world-wide notoriety, however their website had become outdated and prevented users from becoming further involved with their ministry.

Strategy & planning

Realising that the success of their previous website was centred on their weekly e-newsletter, we suggested that Charles & Joyce move away from their ‘222 Trust’ branding and become more socially inclusive as Charles & Joyce. In addition we also suggested that the use of social media be heavily used throughout their new site, enabling users to quickly and easy spread their weekly message, as well as other site content such as their monthly news updates.

Insights & user research

Armed with a good understanding of Charles and Joyce’s users, we worked towards creating a site which was more inclusive, modern and intuitive, we also introduced the addition of a video feed, to work alongside their existing on and offline newsletter and podcasts.


We created a fresh and clean design, using sky blue as the main colour, as well as modernising the branding and ensuring it was more memorable. Using large clear headings and familiar icons we were able to emphasise key content. In addition we also ensured that the design seamlessly included a variety of feeds from Twitter, Facebook, latest Podcats and e-newsletter editions to provide users and search engines with a continual fresh range of content.


Using the latest best practice HTML and CSS we developed light templates, ensuring page load speed remained high. In addition, we used YouTube as a cheap alternative to ensure that video content could be quickly streamed without slowing the pages.

Testing & evaluations

Charles and Joyce found our Content Management System (Vexillum), intuitive and easy to use, allowing them to quickly get to grips with the website, adding and amending content before the site was launched. With Charles ad Joyce comfortably adding the final touches to their website, we were able to provide support and suggestions where necessary.


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