Following the successful completion of the OCCA website, Wycliffe Hall commissioned us to develop a fresh new website to replace their existing site that was not fulfilling their needs and required a new and updated look. A major part of the brief was also to include an online application system for prospective students.

Strategy & planning

The fundamental requirement of the site was that it needed to look good and work well. It was also imperative that the end product would be streamlined and easy to administer to allow Wycliffe to make changes without the need to contact Worthers. Looking ahead, the site also needed to have the potential and flexibility to grow and have no constraints for the future.

Insights & user research

During the development process it was important to look at the existing site and see what was working and what was not to ensure that the new development solved existing problems and improved the areas that were not working so well.


As a theological school and one that is worthy of respectable interest, the site needed efficiency with a professional and regal look - simple elegancy. The application system for prospective students also had its own design to ensure that it would be easy to follow and user intuitive.


During the development process, we worked hard to make the application system as user friendly as possible. One of the functions we added to increase usability was the ability to save application progress to come back to at a later date. We also developed a separate booking system with an intuitive interface that integrates with a payment system to allow delegates to book themselves into and pay for events, open days and conferences.

Testing & evaluations

Following the primary completion of the Wycliffe project, the development site was handed over to Wycliffe where they then tested the application and gave us feedback with any changes they wanted made to the site. There were then very few changes for us to make before the site was approved for launch.

The site has received many positive reviews since launch and also encouraged other local colleges to achieve the same level of quality and professionalism.


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