Case studies


Bringing RE lessons to life

The client

GSUS Live is a multi-media classroom located in a lorry trailer. Founded by Counties UK, it allows secondary school students in KS3 to interact with fictional characters, exploring the themes of fear, forgiveness and rejection.

The brief

When Counties UK came to us, their current system was around 10 years old and in need of a bit of a make-over. The brief was to bring it up to date, without losing the essence of the programme that had proven so successful.

We were particularly impressed with Worthers' creativity and enthusiasm.

The Challenge

All the technology needed to fit into a trailer (along with dozens of children), plus it had to be operated by teachers with no previous knowledge of the system. Finally, we had to combine several different types of software and hardware and ensure they worked seamlessly together.

The solution

This project combined a number of software and hardware elements. For example, we developed a single pad iPad application that allowed the presenter to control both the video screen and the student user screens without switching between systems. We also brought in small, cost effective computers called Raspberry Pis which could easily be replaced if something went wrong without incurring huge costs.

On the student experience front, we worked with a range of experts including designers, script writers, videographers and animators to modernise the user experience. One of the changes we made was swapping the old email-based communication system used by the students for a more modern chat platform, and we also brought in retractable touch screens to give the whole thing a fully up-to-date feel.

Finally, we connected the entire project via 4G to give us remote access and allow us to support and monitor the system on an ongoing basis.

Their desire to see the end result - for kids to understand the story of Jesus - was great.

The verdict

“We went to several companies to ask for proposals and quotes, but we were particularly impressed with Worthers’ creativity and enthusiasm, plus the way they were able to adopt a youthful attitude to the ideas process, in order to appeal to the secondary school kids the project is aimed at.

“Throughout the project we found them professional, helpful, and always available. Not everyone on our side has a very high level of technical understanding, but Worthers were able to communicate with us in a way we understood. There was a genuine relationship, with them supporting us through any technical issues. They're always ready to help wherever possible.

“We were also impressed with their understanding of the biblical content and spiritual emphasis of the project. They understood the project from the start, and their desire to see the end result - for kids to understand the story of Jesus - was great. The results have been popular and the new program has been received very well by the end users.”

Jonathan Brooks-Martin, Operations Manager, Counties UK

Touchscreen, Raspberry Pi, Interactive, Animation, Mobile solution, Story of Jesus, TV display, Presenter control panel, 4G internet