New Google change for optimising your website for search

EDUCATIONAL | 13th May 2015

The new Google update affects your rankings when a search is made on a mobile device

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website friendly and appealable to search engines. Making your site SEO friendly maximizes its viewing potential. 

In recent years we've been seeing an increase in the use of mobile devices to access the internet. According to data from research firm StatCounter, this April 31.7% of searches were on mobiles and 5.8% on tablets. In response to the steady closing of the gap between traditional and new devices Google has updated its search engine algorithm to include the mobile responsiveness of your site.

The Google update affects your rankings when a search is made on a mobile device. Google will score the mobile responsiveness of your website and use that score to place your site before or after similar sites within its search engine.  This means that if you had two identical content sites, and one optimised for mobile, the one which was optimised for a mobile/tablet would naturally appear higher in Googles organic rankings.

Recognising and responding to this could help you keep the users of your website happy long term, as more and more people are expectant of websites working on their phones and tablets. Making a change to your website helps your site be found consistently on any device. 
We would be very happy to talk to you about your website and provide you with further information on SEO or a mobile update to your site.

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