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    What are Enterprise Solutions?

    We provide bespoke online software, which is created upon request by an organisation.

    Our Enterprise Solutions are designed to make your organisation work more efficiently and free of hassle! We achieve this by logically integrating existing system within your organisation (or externally) to allow better communication and flow of data throughout each area of your business.

    We’ll work closely with you to understand exactly how you’re existing setup is causing you difficulty and support you in creating a specification or provide you with a research document that outlines the exact process you current have and how to progress. We do this in the form of a Technical and User document, which allows you and a developer to remain on the same page throughout the development of a new system.

    In addition to this we also provide a comprehensive solution to analysing your data and making educated business decisions quickly and easily.

    See our ‘Intelligent Business Decisions’ for more info or contact us to discuss your requirements.

    Efficient business processes

    Our Enterprise Solutions are tailor made to make your business more efficient.

    Whether you’re a small business looking to find a way to integrate their payment systems with the customer relationship management (CRM) system or a well established manufacturing organisation looking to move your production process to an online, platform we can create a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

    In addition to improving the efficiency of your current processes, moving to a web based system can open a whole host of other benefits.

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    Research based results

    Because each solution we provide is tailored to your needs, we work incredibly hard to guarantee we collect and integrate your exact requirements.

    To understand the true detail of your requirements we like to almost work as a direct extension of your team, getting to know you, your processes and how we can really add value to enhance your existing system(s).

    We also understand that this can be a big investment and we want to make this as stress free as possible. Upon the completion of any research phase we will provide you with written documentation of your existing system and recommendations for taking it forward. This can be understood by any experienced web developer.

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    Intelligent business decisions

    If you are searching for software to assist you to make intelligent business decisions, then bespoke business intelligence (BI) software which gathers, stores, processes and reports on the data from your organisation, may be just what your organisation needs.

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    Bespoke enterprise software

    Benefits of enterprise software solutions over traditional legacy applications:

    • Bespoke / tailored to your business
    • Scalable (for future growth)
    • Secure (robust security features)
    • Integration with other software applications
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