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    Why apps?

    Around 70% of all UK adults now own a smartphone or tablet device and spend around a quarter of their day using them.

    With so many now desiring to have the world open to them at their fingertips, it's important for businesses and organisations to provide helpful, relevant apps.

    The market is wide open for new and innovative apps and developing them isn't as costly and difficult as you might expect. Whatever your budget we can tailor a solution that will further your business, or cause, in an exciting and creative app.

    * http://mobithinking.com/mobile-marketing-tools/latest-mobile-stats/a#smartphonepenetration

    Ideas and solutions

    With so much creative license and app-potential lying before you sometimes it's hard to know what kind of app to make. We can help you develop ideas in line with your objectives to find a solution that works for you.

    Here are some thoughts to get you thinking:

    Apps for small businesses

    As a small businesses you know that getting noticed is essential, as is offering a service that is a little better than your competitors. Why not have an app that integrates with your service to make your offering more accessible and to make yourself stand out from the competition.

    Apps for charities and organisations

    As an organisation you want to further your cause and message. Apps provide a perfect way for people to engage in their day-to-day life and to play a small part in your efforts to change the world. Providing news feeds, key information and ways to engage can all help your cause.

    Apps for medium and large businesses

    It is already the case that users expect to be able to find an app for services provided by medium and large businesses. The key is to ensure your app offers the very same standards of service you offer through more traditional mediums but with the added convenience factor for the user. Talk with us to see how we can integrate your existing systems with an exciting app for your customers.

    iPhone or Android? Phone or tablet? Deciding which platforms and devices to release your app onto can be daunting. It's important to work out your target audience and find out which devices and platforms they use. We keep ourselves informed about the devices different demographics use and can help you through this process.

    Contact us now for a no obligation chat about your app project or ideas - even if it's just to sound out an idea and get our feedback.

    What we offer

    "It's brilliant! Everyone here is oohing and aahing about it, and there's much excitement. I know that you have worked incredibly hard on this."

    Worthers are able to offer an exceptional level of quality in developing mobile and tablet apps. Our experience in designing and developing user interfaces gives a great wealth of experience from which we can create beautiful and functional apps.

    The stages of app development

    We approach our apps with the same process as used for our websites.

    • Strategy
      Defining your goals, identifying your audience, and then comparing the competition gives you the chance to plan an app that will be pitched just right and have the desired effect.
    • Research
      Further research into your target audience, checking what devices they use, finding out which services they use most often, etc, will help to develop the right features for your users. We use surveys, demographic research, user behaviour information and more to help inform your decisions.
    • Design
      Before building your app we first design the screens allowing you to see how the app will look and behave. It's during this stage that the plan really comes alive and becomes more tangible.
    • Develop
      The development stage is when we actually code the app. During this stage you will be given a chance to see iterations of the app as the project progresses.
    • Test
      During the testing stage we ensure that bugs are dealt with and that the app works across all the devices and platforms that are to be supported.
    • Launch
      Once the app has been tested and you are happy we then send the app to the relevant app stores, such as iTunes and Google Play, and can set the app to go live on a certain date if required.
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