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    Vexillum overview

    In order to engage with your audience, it is likely that your web site will need to be regularly updated and managed. Whether adding a blog post, managing users, moderating comments, receiving event bookings or processing orders, our aim is to make it easy for you to do. We develop your web site to fulfill your specific requirements and then we provide you with a unique Content Management System that is built on our powerful, secure and flexible platform using industry standards and frameworks. We call this system Vexillum.

    Configured specifically for your content and purposes it’s not really possible to list all of it’s many features, however, we have provided some examples:

    • Ability to manage what you want, when you want
    • Built using industry standards with proven reliability and scalability
    • Easy to use admin interface, no technical degrees needed!
    • Powerful rich text editor for HTML based content
    • Fast database backend to handle millions of pages or records
    • Fully hosted, supported and maintained for you
    • You own your data, which can be easily exported if required
    • Flexible user permissions for managing different sections
    • Impressive security
    • Scalable for future growth or additions
    • Award winning - several sites using our platform have won awards


    The Vexillum system provides access to the areas of your web site that you need to manage. It provides an intuitive interface to enable you to easily find items you want to amend or manage.

    Features include:

    • Ability to sort or search by field or attribute (e.g. page heading)
    • Add, edit, delete or duplicate items
    • Rich Text editing of content allowing the addition of images, documents, links and advanced formatting
    • Automatic publishing and expiry of items on certain dates
    • Automatic paging
    • Option to export data
    • Permission groups for users to restrict access to content administration
    • Easy to use, requires zero to minimal training (built in notes and videos available)
    • Accessible from any device with a web browser and access to the Internet
    “Much simpler and easier to use than anything else I’ve tried.”
    “Very powerful, does exactly what I need to it do!”


    Technology that runs servers and web sites is constantly evolving. In addition client browsers used for accessing web sites are updated regularly. So we have created a hassle free service where we are constantly evolving and maintaining the core code powering your web site to support the latest software and technology. We provide this value added service for a small monthly cost so it can be easily factored into ongoing budgets.

    Don't be fooled, a lot of development agencies use a snapshot of their chosen CMS software which incur quite large fees every time a new version needs to be installed and customisations re-applied. If software isn’t regularly maintained it can be prone to security hacks and even break when server updates are applied.

    Our service includes hosting, phone and email user support, security patches, updates to server software, core updates, updates to 3rd party code libraries, plugins, bug fixes and support for new browser versions and standards. For example we have made 285 version updates to the core system over the last 2 years! This happens seamlessly behind the scenes ensuring that sites are running efficiently and securely.

    We feel our unique approach provides the best on-going solution for a client. Put simply, our clients are buying into a service with the benefits of expertise and on-going relationship.


    Many clients ask about the security aspects to our system, this normally occurs after they have had a previous bad experience with a site being hacked, usually when using Wordpress or Joomla that hasn’t been security hardened or regularly patched.

    We take security seriously and have instigated several methods to ensure we maintain our impressive record of never having our software hacked.

    Firstly our servers use advanced firewalls, intrusion protection and other specific software to block unwanted visitors and attacks.

    Secondly we haven’t skipped corners when building the system and have used consistent robust coding standards with security in mind.

    Thirdly we maintain our servers and code base to ensure latest security threats and exploits in server software are covered. We look after your site as part of our 'peace of mind' monthly support service.

    Usage examples

    Vexillum has been used to manage a wide variety of web sites and applications. Here are a few examples but the list doesn’t stop here.

    • Site articles and news
    • Blogs and commenting
    • Event management and booking
    • Online shops with full ecommerce
    • Donation and giving services
    • Accommodation booking
    • Subscription based content and services
    • Course application (complete with referee and interview system)
    • Email newsletters to large mailing lists
    • Feedback forms
    • Video and audio podcasts
    • Social media integration (e.g. Twitter feeds, Facebook commenting)
    • PDF document generation
    • Property management
    • Timetable signup
    • Managing data feeds to mobile applications
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